LAHORE The strong pressure being built from different corners for and against to release the American killer of two Pakistains, Raymond Davis, has made the government oscillating between the thought of giving him benefit of diplomatic immunity, to let him go scot-free, or firm up its stand braving US pressure and running every risk. The Foreign Ministry, which is in the picture to play a pivotal role in the entire game, has not come up with any clear answer to the immunity question, although the Interior Minister, the other day, and PPP Information Secretary Fauzia Wahab, in a recent statement, have endorsed US claim on Davis that he holds a diplomatic passport. At not too much distance from this position but as a bargain, Law Minister Babar Awan has sought Dr Aafias return in return for release of Davis. This all is not so simple, given the fact that the matter attracts national and international laws, which have their own implications and consequences, and provides basis for any decision on the issue. The American authorities do not want their man to stay in a Pakistani jail, so they have repeatedly asked the [Pakistan] government to set him free under the Vienna Convention of 1961. These authorities have also threatened to block countrys aid and even sever diplomatic ties. This, indeed, is a pressure tactic and a test for Islamabad to show whether it budges to it or withstands. America has also cancelled tripartite meeting on Afghanistan wherein President Asif Ali Zardari had to participate. The American has taken reason of situation in Pakistan, yet in general perception is, it is a glimpse of US pressure for the release Davis and a harbinger of more in the time to come. At the popular level, sentiments are highly charged up against Davis expected release which is giving a new impetus to already existing public hostility for America. With the course of time this feeling is growing wherein some quarters predicting the same escalating to a situation witnessed in Egypt and Tunisia while some political parties are virtually inciting the masses to take that course. Despite five reminders, no answer has been given to the police for custody of accused and the car which has crushed to death third citizen, Abadur Rahman. They are taking being harboured by US Consulate. To arouse the public sentiments against this attitude of the Consulate, giant size bill boards bearing image of Abad have been posted at main point on The Mall. Tribal Jirga have taken a unanimous stand to oppose release of Davis while Taliban have also warn of action against those who would facilitate his release. Punjab Government is taking an a distinct stand from the Federal Government government as it has left every thing to the court decision. The court however has yet to formally take up the matter although a partial investigation reports has been presented to the court. Reportedly the police are trying to unravel the riddle on the movement of Davis in city road carrying unlicensed sophisticated firearm. What purpose he has took snaps of certain sensitive sites of city and the other material recovered from him. How much progress has been made in the investigations, would come before the court after 14 days when the police would present complete or incomplete challan before the court under the section 153 Cr PC, which however would not be accepted on face value by the court but judged on touchstone of evidence and circumstances. As to the moot question of diplomatic immunity, senior lawyers say, in the instant case section 31 of the Vienna Convention, read with Law of Treaties of 1969, are attracted. Under the said section no immunity is available to any diplomat if he commits any heinous crime outside his official functions. This question is however subject to determination of the court of law where any party can approach with its own point of view. Jurists find an important missing in the present case that is to decide about the immunity question for Davis. Law requires it inform the American counterpart if not immunity is attracted in favour of Davis in the present and inform the Punjab government to set his free if immunity is availability and he is being illegally detained. In case Federal Government seeks immunity based release of Davis, the provincial government can move the High Court to decide on the touchstone of law and seeking assistance of jurists. Or on the other hand, if the America interprets the matter in its own, being a major power in the world, it can create hardships of Pakistan. And which way the cat would jump is depends which pressure Pakistan government accept and which it rejects. In both cases however it would not be without paying the price.