LAHORE Pervez Musharraf is no more a president and a top leader of his APML claiming constitutional immunity for him is a political gimmick given in a bid to create confusion and absolve the dictator of his abetment in Benazirs muder, noted jurists viewed on Tuesday. The jurists were one on the point that Musharraf is not a sitting president as such no parallel could be drawn between him and President Asif Ali Zardari. If the notion is accepted that immunity on an offence allegedly committed while holding the office of the President and still available after quitting the office, then no justification would have been there to hold the murder trial of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, they commented while snubbing Niazi for his nave statement. The FIA in its investigations into the murder case of Benazir Bhutto has found Musharraf also a character in the crime. Former Law Minister Dr Khalid Ranjha, one of the jurists who offered their comments, said that constitutional immunity against being prosecuted in a criminal case is available only to a sitting President which Pervez Musharraf is not. The statement of Niazi is merely a political one. Former Deputy Attorney General Raja Abdul Rahman also subscribes to the point of view that no immunity cover is available to Musharraf at present and that even if he has to ay something about his innocent or defence or even has to get any concession in the instant case, he must first surrender himself before the court as an accused for the fact, warrants of arrest have already been released against him. Mindful of the fact Musharraf is sitting thousand of miles of away and has given no clue to his associating the investigations, Raja however says, association with the investigations would benefit Musharraf in the long run when the trial would commence. And if he does not join the investigation nor appears before the court, law says, he would be prosecuted exparte wherein he may be declared proclaimed offender whose production may be affected through the Interpol in addition to attachment his property. Former judge and expert on criminal law, Ehtesham Qadir Shah says if warrants against Musharraf remain unexecuted for the reason of his non-availability, the proclamation under section 87 would be issued against him and no trial would start against Musharraf until he is arrested. Former President Lahore Bar Association and lawyer on criminal side, Manzoor Qadir says on the question of constitutional immunity to the president, that a distinguish should be kept in mind about president as person and his office and no immunity is available to the president if he commits an offence in his person. He says if Musharraf fails to appear in court his extradition may be sought through the Interpol provided Pakistan has an extradition treaty with the country he is residing.