LAHORE The City again received pretty heavy rain on Tuesday, inundating the low-lying areas in the metropolis and making many cars run into the fences due to their veering off the 'track. Moreover, the stagnant rainwater partially paralyzed the routine life in various posh areas of the city in general and the residents of low lying areas of the city and the resident of such vicinities have to face difficulties while moving or traveling particularly on the dilapidated roads of the northern, Eastern and Western parts of the City. However, the rain also exposed the performance of the Water and Sanitation Agency as dozens of the drains and sewerage pipelines system were witnessed chalked causing stagnation of rainwater on various roads of the city including some major roads such as Circular Road, Allama Iqbal Road, Garhi Shahu Chouk, Empress Road, Davis Road, Queens Road, Mazang Road, Link Shalimar Road, Bhogiwal Road, Ghoray Shah Road, Chah Miran Road, Badami Bagh Road, Main Boulevard Gulshan Ravi, arteries of a number of LDAs Housing Schemes and some other roads and traffic remained jam on most of these roads for hours. The rain also added miseries of commuters in general and pedestrians in particular as the rainwater flooded roads of the city causing slippery conditions frequent traffic jams on a number of arteries as well. The rainwater caused sever problem for the commuters while traveling on the dilapidated roads because stagnant water in deep holes which are remains of digging work in the middle of various roads also broke the smooth flow of traffic. It also was witnessed that some motorcyclists traveling with their families received minor injuries as a result of falling in some blind manholes and deep holes, full of rainwater and slippery conditions of roads. On Tuesday, minimum temperature in the City was recorded 14.0 degree Celsius. Relative humidity in the morning was recorded 88 percent. According to the experts, the westerly wave still persists over the country. Local meteorological department has forecast cloudy weather with chances of light rain for the City during the next 24 hours.