ISLAMABAD - Members of Senate Standing Committee on Culture and Tourism spoke highly of Federal Secretary Ministry of Culture, appraised his work and innovation spirit - a rare thing in government sector in a country like Pakistan. Senate Standing Committee on Culture met on Tuesday in Pakistan National Counsel of Arts with Senator Nilofer Bakhtiar in the chair and attended by senators including Ms Sabina Rauf, Abd-ul-Khaliq Pirzada, Farah Aqil Abd-ul-Rahim Khan Mando Khail, Pervez Rashid, Mrs Rehana Yahya Baloch and Gulshan Saeed. Interestingly, the media, chairman and all the members of committee appreciated the good work being done by the Ministry of Culture and spoke highly of Federal Secretary Culture Moin-ul-Islam Bukhari of his contribution to make the Ministry active to take care of the art and artists across the country from Gilgit to Karachi. The committee openly appreciated the Iranian cultural week at PNCA observed that the ministry and PNCA were playing a commendable role in promoting bilateral ties.