ASHRAF JAVED LAHORE As the fragile government with very slow economy is unable to ensure delivering quality and child-centred education in Pakistan, terror has shattered the dreams of the future generation across the country. Foreign sponsored terrorists are desperately blowing up basic education centers and killing teachers particularly in poverty-hit far-flung areas to halt children schooling in a country already having unsatisfactory literacy rate. According to official statistics, terrorists have killed 22 teachers in Balochistan during the past couple of years while no less than 891 schools have so far been destroyed by militants in Pakistani Tribal Areas bordering Afghanistan. Official figures revealed that terrorists backed by hostile foreign agencies have destroyed 24 schools in KPK, 447 in SWA, 282 in Khyber Agency, 38 in Mohmand Agency and 100 schools in Bajaur Agency. On the other hand, terror strikes are psychologically hitting children hard in rest of Pakistan as they watch widespread coverage on numerous TV channels everyday, thanks to media for ensuring hours-long live coverage of bloody terror attacks, showing charred bodies and bloodstained scenes to the viewers. Education experts believe that the terrorists through a well-thought-out plan are targeting and destroying mostly primary and secondary schools of both girls and boys in poverty-hit Balochistan and KPK provinces. Analysts believe that one of the hidden motives behind sabotaging schools is to keep children away from modern education as illiterate youth would prove more vulnerable to militancy. Some seminaries have allegedly been involved in brainwashing young boys to take up militancy as a way of life. Security pundits believe that young boys are lured to take up suicide bombing as an ultimate aim in life and foreign intelligence agencies are heavily funding local agents to destroy the future of the countrys children by targeting education. This is evident from an alarmingly rising trend among teenagers in the insurgency plagued northwest of Pakistan, which is frontline in the US led war against terrorism. Official record exhibits that most of the suicide bombers, if not all, were teenagers in suicide bombing attacks carried out in Pakistan during the past years. As a case in point, a young suicide bomber dressed in school uniform blew himself up at an Army compound in Pakistan, killing at least 31 people and injuring several others on February 9. The boy attacked as recruits exercised at a Punjab Regiment parade ground, inside an enclosed military area of the north-western City of Mardan. Terrorists are also creating conditions to disturb peace and normal functioning of departmental institutions. 'The civil society and the religious Madarassas must join hands with the government to fight the menace of terrorism. Terrorists are creating hurdles and blocking the avenues for peoples desires to acquire knowledge by killing teachers and destroying educational institutions, educationists say. But despite such destructive actions and vested interests of militants, the parents are still willing to send their children to schools and oppose the hostile elements if the govt provides basic infrastructure for quality education. Certain groups of Taliban militants are against modern education with female education being their main target. 'The terrorists have been trying to implement their own distorted version of Shariah or Islamic jurisprudence in the insurgency-plagued northwest Tribal Areas of Pakistan, experts said. Not enough, the so-called tribal elders in the largest and poverty-hit province of Balochistan are also against childrens education as they consider well-educated and qualified youth as a direct threat to their rule. Last year, security agencies had unearthed the involvement of foreign hand in spreading hatred in Balochistan province as well as to poison the minds of innocent Baloch youth against the non-Balochis, particularly the educationists. According to a classified document, the hostile intelligence agencies were found involved in destroying education system of Balochistan. Almost 80 per cent of the teaching staff in Balochistan belongs to Punjab, Sindh and Khyber PK provinces and hostile elements are forcing them to relocate to other places, thus putting the future of Baloch children at high risk. Official sources said that Indian spy agency supplied hate literature in Balochi language to all schools and colleges run in Baloch inhabited areas like Khuzdar, Turbat, Gwadar, Dera Bugti, Sui, Kahan to inculcate hatred among the children. The Baloch students are cultivated through BSO hardliners by Indian RAW, taken to Kabul for indoctrination, given Afghan passports and trained in art of guerilla warfare. 'India opened up Balochistan specific three consulates in Zahedan, Bandar Abbas and Ashkabad in Iran and established refugee camps for Balochistan dissidents in Kandahar, Spin Boldak, Helmand and Nimroz, the report added.