Designing jewellery to give an imperial look and royal feeling to her clients, Samreen made her debut in Pakistan with PBCW. USA based designer loves to work with copper and silver and strives hard to maintain highest standards in design and manufacturing. No wonder, her designs made headlines when they were displayed in Pakistan for first time. Seeking inspiration from as different sources as Mughal art and daily life experiences, Samreen has alot to share with her fans. Sunday Plus has talked to the designer about her design philosophy, aesthetics and life experiences to give the readers a sneak peep into celebs life.

Q: How did you get into jewellery making or design? What sort of skills did you have learn?

Samreen: I always had a passion for designing jewellery and clothes. In young age I loved to do styling and I was always in love with the fashion world. I do the things which I dream.

Q: How would you describe the style of your jewellery?

Samreen: My designs are vibrant, ornate and adventurous. I believe that jewellery should make you feel like royalty when you wear it no matter how big or small the piece of jewellery is, it should be eye catching and make the wearer feel special. I design jewellery according to the traditions. Women who wear my design look very classic and royal.

Q: What do you love most about designing and creating your own jewellery?

Samreen: I design each article with full attention and proper care. I love the feeling when I get inspired through the process of life and its experience . Unusual colours combined with exotic semi precious stones set the basis for its fresh designs. All the jewellery is nickel-free, lead-free and 24 karat gold plated using the highest standards in manufacturing techniques .I never compromised on the finish.


Q: What are some of your favourite materials to work with and create with?

Samreen: I love to work with copper and silver. They are my favourite elements. We also use a combination of metals while making our pieces.

Q: Where do you look for inspirations when you want to design something new?

Samreen: My inspiration begins with a strong emotion. My collections are the reflection of the richness and diversity of the sub-continent, which reveals the true beauty of a woman, as well as her bold and edgy attitude. I am much inspired from Mughal era. Different experiences and process of life is also the thing which inspires me.

Q: What is so unique about ‘Samreen’s Closet’and why should people come to you?

Samreen: The unique yet affordable jewels by Samreen are statement pieces that defy the boundaries of time. Affordability is our number one key. We like to cater our all customers. The designs we bring to the market with the quality is rarely seen these days.

Q: You recently showcased your jewellery at Pantene Bridal Couture Week. Tell us what type of jewellery pieces you showcased and how was the response of the people?

Samreen: I have shown my new collection ‘Rooh Numai’ in PBCW. It was an inspiration from Mughal era. I want to make the woman of 20th century to feel royal.

Q: How was the experience of showcasing your talent in Pakistan?

Samreen: I had an incredible experience of showcasing my designs in Pakistan. Everyone warmly welcomed me.

Q: Was having a jewellery making business always something you had wanted to do, or did you have other career aspirations?

Samreen: My heart always leads me towards fashion world. In the age of 13 I started stitching and designing clothes. Designing jewellery was my passion. I always get attracts towards beautiful pieces.

Q: Tell us about your clientele and price range.

Samreen: I have clients from all walks of life. My range is from 5,000rps to 150,000. Every woman can afford our brand.

Q: Are you planning to open any outlet or stocking your jewellery in Pakistan?

Samreen: Recently I have stocked my pieces at Tehxeeb, Lahore and I will announce other stores in Pakistan very soon. My collection is also stocked in USA and Canada.

Q: What do you think should be the essential qualities of a Jewellery Designer?

Samreen: We should never compromise on the quality.

Q: Several celebrities would have worn your designs. Who would be your dream person to see wearing your jewellery?

Samreen: I never thought of this but I would love to see my pieces in a drama or some good movie.

Q: What are you working on now?

Samreen: I am still working on my previous collection ‘Rooh Numai.’ I want to make more collection inspired from Mughal era. Still there are a lot of things to be design.