ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said the government constituted the dialogue committee for holding talks with Taliban with sincerity. Killing a single person is tantamount to killing the entire humanity, he added.

Talking to TV journalists while returning to the country from Turkey, the prime minister said in order to make progress in the dialogue process, it is imperative that Taliban must stop their violent activities.

The prime minister said “We want to adopt all those ways which lead to peace. If terrorism continues during the dialogue process, several questions would arise in the minds of those seeking peace.”

He said there was complete conformity of views between the government and the army regarding dialogue with the Taliban and the army was taken on board before launching the dialogue process.

Responding to a question, the prime minister termed the incidents in Peshawar and Karachi setback to the peace dialogue, initiated with Taliban.

He said they had initiated the dialogue with sincerity but the incidents in Peshawar and Karachi were unfortunate. They had claimed responsibility for these incidents which were indeed setback and not good, he added.

Responding to a query, he said “It is my desire that not a single innocent life is lost in the country.” He said there should be no bloodshed, and no child, woman or any personnel of law enforcement agencies should lose their lives.

“If such a desire is fulfilled, I think, it will be a great achievement on my part,” he noted. He said killing innocent people also contravened the Quranic teachings and breached the moral codes.

When the dialogue process was in process, then why such incidents occurred? he posed a question. He said that he would talk to Irfan Siddiqui, who heads the government peace dialogue committee, on the issue.

The prime minister said they had formed the committee after consensus and discarded the impression as false that the civilian and military leadership were not on the same page. Responding to another question, he said Pakistan had rich potential and if the peace was restored in the country, it could progress by leaps and bounds within five years as its people also wanted development.

He noted with satisfaction that the growth rate in Pakistan was good and the economic indicators were positive while the stock market was showing bullish trend.

He informed the media men that the investors in Turkey had expressed their keen interest to invest on the development projects in Pakistan.

They were willing to jointly work on Motorway, Dasu Dam and on Gaddani, he added.

The prime minister said they had to ensure transparency in the execution of these projects, and stem wastage of time, besides providing facilities to the foreign investors.

Earlier, in an interview with Turkish Radio and Television, Prime Minister Nawaz said Pakistan has made it clear to the Obama administration that drone attacks are not acceptable under any circumstances as these are violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The prime minister further said that there was unanimity of views at the trilateral summit in Ankara that they all had to strengthen hands of the Afghan government. He said the summit also agreed to ensure success of upcoming elections and a smooth transition from one government to another in Afghanistan.

The prime minister said that peace in Afghanistan is vital for stability in Pakistan and the region, expressing hope that peace process in Afghanistan would deliver positive results.

To a question‚ he said Turkey has a very special place in the hearts of the people of Pakistan and it has been his endeavour to forge a greater friendship with Ankara.

The prime minister said his country is looking for more and more opportunities to get into joint partnership with Turkish business community. He added Pakistan has invited Turkish companies to invest in energy sector.