When words fail to define her exquisiteness, her smile says it all! Her bright eyes and super beaming smile is what made many hearts skip a beat! Syra Sheroze is highly talented actress and model who started her career as a VJ few years back. Luck has always been there with her no matter which filed she stepped into.

I was always very keen to take her interview because of what she had gained at such a young age. It turned out to be an amazing experience talking to Syra who was nice enough to take some time out for us and talked about her journey into the world full of glitz, glam and experiences! Let’s have a look at what she had to say…

  1. 1.      From being an amazing VJ to a great model and finally a superb actress. How has your journey been so far?

My journey has been pretty good so far. It has been full of experiences. It’s very difficult to get opportunities but thank God I have been lucky enough to get opportunity in every field. Modeling just happened as I got an offer and I accepted it. Similarly when I was a VJ I got an offer for acting which I availed. So God has been with me throughout and my journey has been quite smooth and nice overall.

  1. 2.      When did you realize that acting was made for you?

Well I actually realized that after I had done a couple of projects. Before that I didn’t really believe that I could act. When people saw my work they really appreciated me and that’s how I believed that I could do well in this field.

  1. 3.      ‘Mera Naseeb’ was one of your outstanding performances. How was the experience?

 It was a great experience.  It was my first project and I had the best actors to work with. Sanam Saeed is a family friend, Bushra Ansari, Sameena Peerzada and Rubina Ashraf they are all actors who are known for their work and very well experienced. So I got to learn a lot from them. People appreciated my performance, so yeah it was a great experience overall!

  1. 4.      Which role has been the most memorable and special one for u amongst all your performances?

I really enjoyed playing the role ‘Sereena’ in ‘Tanhaiyan Naye Silsaley’. I think it was a very different role. I believe in playing different characters every time. If I can’t try new characters then I make sure that I don’t’ repeat the same characters so frequently, so it doesn’t get boring for people. This way I can explore new characters and bring out something new and different that people would enjoy watching.

  1. 5.      We have seen you in different characters. Who is Syra Sheroze in real life?

I don’t know actually I see a bit of myself in every character that I have played. I see bit of me in ‘Sereena’ and ‘Soha’ (Balqees Qaur) also, so yeah I guess bit of me reflects in every role I do.

We all admire the way she dresses up! That hair ‘do and natural make up is an absolute spot on because I’ve never seen her loaded with makeup! She is always dressed to the nines so I asked Syra to throw a little light on her fashion sense and how she carried it so well!

  1. 6.      Your fans love the way you carry yourself. Who is your style icon and how do you define fashion?

I like very random things! I see different people wearing good stuff and really appreciate it and might not like something they wear next time. Fashion is something you create yourself. It’s not compulsory that if something looks good on you it would look nice on someone else too. I look up to my sister Palwasha also because she loves to dress up and experiment with different looks. I also follow international celebrities, the new trends, what’s in and out! Basically fashion is what you make out of it and how you carry it.

We all fancy our celebs and that is why we dig into every bit of their personality and personal life. Being an absolute loyal, giving an observant by nature, Syra had a lot to share about her personal life…

  1. 7.      How do you start your day?

Well it depends from time to time. I wake up and go down for breakfast with family. It’s me, Sheroze and his mother and sometimes Behroze uncle on the breakfast table where we have a bit of a chat. Then I watch t.v for sometime, check facebook, do usual stuff and then get to work. Meet my parents and carry on with my day!

  1. 8.      3 words that describe you?

Loyal, Giving and Observant

  1. 9.      What is your idea of perfect romance?

I think there is no such thing as ‘perfect romance’. I believe that if two people connect well then it just becomes your aim to please each other. So even if it’s a normal day or a special occasion every bit of time spent together becomes romantic.

  1. 10.  What is that pleasant change that marriage has brought into your life?

Well I think my life now feels complete. A girl, no matter how much independent she is, she always wants to settle down in life. Otherwise, there is always a constant glitch that disturbs you. Once you get married that glitch goes away because you become satisfied and feel secure to conquer and achieve a lot more in life.

  1. 11.  The best surprise Sheroze has given you?

He has given me many pleasant surprises but the best one was when he gifted me my favorite watch on my first birthday after marriage.

It was now time for some serious questions…being a superb and talented actress I was sure that Syra had a lot to experience and wanted to know about her upcoming projects and also how she dealt with the perks and cons of being a celebrity . She’s been quite honest and open in her answers and that is what we love about her!

  1. 12.  Do you have any plans to work for movies?

Of course why not! I got a couple of offers but I had been caught up with a lot of work already so didn’t really avail them but in the future let’s see what works out for me.

  1. 13.  Tell us about your upcoming ventures?

I never plan what I’m going to work on. I just concentrate on my current projects actually. Right now I am just relaxing because I just finished off shooting for ‘Ru Ba Ru’ (Drama serial on Hum TV) which lasted for 4 months continuous shooting. So I am currently on a hiatus you can say, maybe later let’s see what comes my way.

  1. 14.  What is your dream role? Have you done it or are you still in a quest for it?

Well I feel that my dream role is a bit difficult to accomplish in Pakistan because I want to play a Super Hero. I have experimented with many kinds of roles, I have done negative, childish, headstrong girl, family girl etc and enjoyed all of them but never got a chance to exhibit my dream role.

  1. 15.  Who is your mentor?

I’ll be honest actually I never planned to be in this field; it so just happened that I got everything on my luck. I have always looked at the actors and enjoyed watching them as a viewer, not to be like them or idealize anyone in particular. All our senior actors have done outstanding work and they are like a blessing for us to gain and learn. I would like to mention Behroze Sabzwari, he’s an amazing actor and I learned a lot from him. But I don’t have anyone in particular as a mentor. I’d say I follow my heart!

  1. 16.  What are the pros for being a celebrity? Flipside what are the cons?

I guess one thing that is a pro and a con at the same time is when you’re famous, people know you and appreciate your work. On the other hand you’re always in public’s eye and people say a lot of negative things about you at the same time. You don’t have a private life, like if you upload a picture on facebook, random people would just start giving negative comments on that particular post. So yeah I guess fame is a pro and a con at the same time.

Another pro would be that you get an identity; you get recognition for your hardwork .So yeah it is a ‘fun life’! But again if you are famous your privacy is highly invaded. Like there are a lot of places where you can’t go and you have to be very careful at what time you go there or with whom. Especially if you are out with family it gets quite upsetting because that’s your family time which is highly disturbed when you are out in a restaurant or anywhere else. So that’s a big con!

Everybody has plans for future and that is what I wanted to know about this much pretty and perky young lady. I was amazed to find out that she is a huge foodie and loves to cook, alongside she loves to read and shop a lot !I admire the way she sees herself as mother in the coming few years! Hmm…That’s a good wifey! Syra also shared the advice that changed her life and what she would recommend to her fans…

  1. 17.  What are your hobbies and interests?

I like reading books, I love shopping… I have started to exercise more to maintain myself because not many people know that I am a huge foodie and love to eat! I even love cooking; I follow the recipes from the Chefs around the world like Jamie Oliver and then create the recipes of my own according to my taste. 

  1. 18.  Where do you see yourself in next 5 years?

In the coming years I see myself as a mother and a more successful actor.

  1. 19.  What is the best advice you have received so far?

My sister Alishba once told me that ‘Life is like a gamble, you never know what you get out of it. You never know how marriage, which is an important decision in life, turns out to be for you’. So that was an advice that really helped me understand what I wanted in life.

  1. 20.  Message for your huge fan following?

I have seen a lot of extremes in the behavior of our youth today. Some of them are very hardworking and determined and some just want things to fall in their lap. So for all those who work hard I would advise them that hardwork always pays. Just follow your dreams and never step back if you face an obstacle. 

Before wrapping up I felt I wasn’t quite done with this bubbly diva yet! So I thought it would be fun to subject Syra to some pointless and irrelevant questions which she could answer rapidly and with full of fire! I’m sure it would be a treat for her fans! Have a look and enjoy reading!


Rapid Fire:


If you could travel back in time where would you go and do what?

I guess I am so happy in today’s time; I would never want to travel back in time.


Your typical breakfast?

Well I have two sorts- Cereals and juice Or fried egg and milkshake!


Word/ phrase you abuse to death?

‘What the hell!’


Favorite vacation spot?

It depends on weather. I guess island is best for summers while for winters I think of more romantic places like Rome, Paris, London all such places. Switzerland for sure!


Most desi thing about you?

The fact that I wanted to be married at the age of 20!


What superpower would you like to have?

I guess I want to have the power of moving big, heavy things around with my eyes. Like Matilda!


If you could custom blend a perfume, what would it be?

I like ‘Issey Miyake’, ‘Burberry’ and ‘Clinique Happy’. These are the smells that take you back in time; I prefer sticking to these with good memories. So if I have to custom blend it would be something one of these.


What’s your guilty pleasure?

Nowadays I’m working out so I have to watch what I eat, so not eating what I want to is my guilty pleasure!


What puts you off?        

Bad breath and someone who speaks well, dresses properly but doesn’t have a good heart! Can’t stand arrogance!


Anything you would like to change about yourself?

No actually I thank God for the life I have, I mean everybody has flaws and wants to improve them but I guess I’m pretty happy with myself!