ISLAMABAD                      -              Special Assistant to Prime Min­ister on Information and Broad­casting Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan said Pakistan and Turkey are pondering over joint projects for promotion and preservation of Islamic architecture and her­itage.

In a series of tweets on Sat­urday, she said exhibitions and workshops will be conducted to promote cultural heritage and calligraphy.

The SAPM termed the Mem­orandums of Understanding (MOUs) between the state me­dia of Pakistan and Turkey as a welcoming and positive step.

She said these MOUs will en­able both the countries to screen each other’s dramas and promote the cause of Muslim Ummah.

She stated that both the coun­tries have also agreed to en­hance cooperation in the field of cinema, which will help us revive and promote our indus­try.

Later, talking to media per­sons outside Shelter Home here, Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan said the government is taking practical steps to protect the weaker seg­ments of society as per the vi­sion of Prime Minister Imran Khan. She said this facility is a reflection of the government’s efforts to transform the country into a welfare state on the pat­tern of Madinah.

She maintained that 2,000 people utilise the service on dai­ly basis where they are provided free meals. The special assistant said no previous government made such policy to provide shelter and food to destitute.

She criticised the PMLN lead­ership and said the increase in inflation is the result of corrup­tion and money-laundering in the last PMLN’s government. She said PTI-led government is taking solid steps for those peo­ple who have no shelter, add­ing that the spokespersons of PMLN have nothing to tell the people about escape of their leadership.

The PM’s aide said Sharif fam­ily was involved in money laun­dering and transfer illegal mon­ey in different foreign accounts through TTs.