ISLAMABAD (APP) - Church workers suspect Hindu fanatics in an attack on a Catholic teacher that they see as the latest incident aimed at terrorising Christians in the southern state of Karnataka. A group of unidentified people attacked James Victor Menezes on Jan 7 while he was going to his St. Legory's School in Merlapadavu, a village near Mangalore, a Catholic stronghold 2,270 kilometres south of New Delhi. The attackers hit the teacher with wooden sticks and fled when people rushed to the scene. Menezes was hospitalised with multiple head injuries. Father Charles Menezes, the school manager, told UCA News on Jan 11 that Church people and the assaulted teacher suspect people who opposed some teachers distributing bibles in the Catholic school perpetrated the attack. This and other attacks are meant to terrorise the Christian community, the priest said, adding that the assailants probably wanted to kill the teacher. He said the school distributed bibles on Jan 2 and announced they were intended only for Christians, but a few others also picked up copies. Hindu groups including Srirama Sena protested on Jan 3 in front of the school, accusing schoolteachers of distributing bibles to Hindus. Some protest leaders even claimed that students were told to prepare themselves for a quiz on the Bible. Christians became targets of violence in Karnataka after the pro-Hindu Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP, Indian people's party) came to power in May 2008. In a series of incidents during Sept. 14-21, at least 24 churches and prayer halls were attacked in the state, most of them in Mangalore. The latest attack came a week after a Protestant church was burned down on Jan 1 in Davengere village, 300 kilometres north of Mangalore. According to media reports, Hindu groups torched the church to protest its attracting Hindus during the Christmas season.