JENNIFER Lopez says divorcing her husband is "not an option." The singer-and-actress has been dogged by rumours her four-year marriage to musician Marc Anthony is on the brink of collapse, but insists the reports are wide of the mark. She told In Touch Weekly magazine: "Every time I'm not wearing my ring, people think I'm getting divorced. Divorce is not - and was never - an option." The couple's relationship was said to be at "breaking point" after the pair were both spotted out without their wedding bands. Marc, 40, further fueled rumors the pair's relationship was on the rocks when he was seen flirting with women in New York and Las Vegas nightclubs and complaining 39-year-old Jennifer had been "making me miserable." Jennifer's close friend, her former manager Benny Medina, has also insisted the pair's relationship is strong, saying: "Jennifer and Marc are committed to the future and to one another. All the rumors are just that - rumors." Despite Benny's assurances, it has been suggested his close friendship with Jennifer is part of the problem between her and Marc. A source revealed to Life and Style Weekly magazine: "Originally, Benny and Marc got along just fine. But lately, Benny's just become too much for Marc. They operate in totally different ways." Despite rubbishing the idea of divorce, Jennifer has been married twice before - to waiter Ojani Noa and dancer Cris Judd. Both relationships ended in divorce. She also had failed romances with rapper P. Diddy and Hollywood actor Ben Affleck. - EXPO