TEHREEK-e-Taliban Swat chief Maulana Fazlullah has announced general amnesty for all "wanted men" except provincial ministers, members of assemblies and some influential political as well as non-political personalities of the area, reported BBC on Thursday. Tehreek chief Maulana Fazlullah made this announcement in his address which was aired on his illegal FM radio. A Taliban spokesman Muslim Khan told the BBC that those granted amnesty included workers as well as leaders of various political parties, some nazims as well as naib nazims and some elders of different villages, he said, adding that he was preparing a list of 120 "wanted men" which would be made public very soon. Incumbent NWFP ministers, members of provincial as well as national assemblies and a large number of influential political and no-political persons from Kooza Barabanda, Chaharbagh, Manglore and various other areas of Swat are among the wanted men, he said, adding that these people had not been pardoned because they had committed "a serious crime" by backing the military operation launched by the govt in the area.