LAHORE - Governor General of Khorsan Rizvi Mohammaad Gavad Mohammadizadeh, has said that Pakistan, Iran and China should work hand in hand to strengthen their trade relations, which could be more effective and useful for the region while Pakistan could have access by train to most of the Central Asian states through Khorasan province. The Governor General of Khorsan Rizvi, who is heading a 33-member strong delegation comprising leading Iranian investors and officials, was speaking at the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Thursday. LCCI President Mian Muzaffar Ali, Senior Vice President Tahir Javaid Malik, Vice President Irfan Iqbal Sheikh and Iranian Consul General in Lahore also spoke on the occasion. The Governor General, while stressing the need for an early restoration direct flight between Lahore and Mashhad, said that both Pakistan and Iran were sincerely and seriously working to further smoothen and broaden their trade relations. He said that both the countries should utilise their respective strengths and potentials to consolidate their respective economies. Mohammaad Gavad Mohammadizadeh, who spoke at length on various issues, said that measures were being taken to curb the menace of smuggling between the two countries. The Governor General also called for joint investment in various sectors. He cited the example of milk production in which Pakistan has sufficient strength while the same way Iran has expertise in dairy products and if potential investors from both the countries join hands, they could win a large global share. Mohammaad Gavad Mohammadizadeh said that both Iran and Pakistan should jointly work for exploring markets for their textiles while agreements could also be signed to give boost to trade of rice and fruits. He said Iran has expertise in electricity generation from coal and both the countries could ink a pact to this regard also. He said that Iran for having big experience in housing sector could lend support to Pakistan. The Governor General said that establishment of Free Trade Zones in Iran and Pakistan could be helpful in boosting the existing level of two-way trade volume. And both the government should concentrate on FTZs. Earlier, speaking on the occasion, the LCCI President Mian Muzaffar Ali suggested issuance of Express Cards to the leading businessmen so that they could be able to travel to Iran for business purposes with maximum ease. "Both the countries should issue Express Immigration Cards to business travellers to ease efficiency and speed of travel." He said that trade between the two countries is not significant and calls for a drastic improvement to achieve satisfactory results and one of the great hurdles in export from Pakistan to Iran is a higher regime of custom duties on Pakistani products as compared to other countries for similar products. Mian Muzaffar said the lack of logistic infrastructure is another hurdle in improving business relations. Pakistan is known all over the world for its textile potential and products, which still needs to be properly introduced and marketed in Iran. Similarly, products like plastic and petrochemicals are transported to Pakistan through irregular channels. Therefore, there is a need to rationalise the system. There is also a need for better utilisation of resources in the fields of agriculture, mineral potential, post-harvest technologies like processing, storage, packaging and transportation etc, dairy sector, meat and food processing sector. He said that there is a lot of scope for collaboration in energy sector, paper and board, sugar, cement, chemicals, textiles and hides, transport and communication, construction of roads in Pakistan, scientific and educational cooperation, handicrafts, jewellery, carpets, fancy furniture etc. The LCCI Senior Vice President Tahir Javaid Malik and Vice President Irfan Iqbal Sheikh said that maximum efforts are required to strengthen relations between Pakistan and Iran in all fields. They said both the governments were working for gas pipeline from Iran to Pakistan. It needs to be expedited immediately. This project is going to be a major milestone in the history of both the brotherly countries.