LAHORE - Ameer Jamat-e-Islami Qazi Hussain Ahmed has said that the real problem of Pakistan is present rulers and the nation needs leadership that represents aspirations of people. He was speaking on the Issue of the Day Programme here at Hameed Nizami Hall on Thursday. Qazi spoke on the topic 'How Can Basic Problems of People of Pakistan be solved? and What is 17th Amendment' and answered to the queries of the participants. Nawa-i-Waqt, The Nation and Waqt News TV jointly organised the event. Qazi said that ceasing cooperation with the US in the so-called war on terror, ending military operation in tribal areas, provision of justice and relief to the poor was necessary to put the country on right path. He said that the country was on the brink of disaster due to Musharraf's mistake of becoming ally of the US in war on terror. He said that not the terrorists but innocent people including women and children were losing lives in the ongoing war on terror. He said that the rulers have brought the US war to Pakistan while the ongoing military action was causing resentment among people. He said that the rulers should understand that waging war against own citizens was more difficult than fighting against the US. He said that the US was supporting India with the purpose to tighten screws on Pakistan. He said that the India has the history of maligning Pakistan for getting benefits in elections. He said that mysterious killing of Hemant Karkre suggested involvement of Hindu extremist organisations in Mumbai incident. He said that Indian Minister Abdul Rehman was expelled from the cabinet for raising the issue of killing of Karkare. He said that it was a pity that the rulers accepted involvement of Pakistanis by banning Jamaat-ud-Daawa. He said the rulers in Muslim countries including Pakistan were silent on Gaza crises just to please the US. He said that the JI has contacted Hamas and leadership of Islamic movements in different countries for discussing strategy to help Palestinians. He said that the JI has established a fund for extending a helping hand to Palestinians. To a question, the JI Ameer said that there was no separatist movement in tribal areas and tribesmen were loyal citizens who rendered matchless sacrifices for the country. He also ruled out presence of foreign elements in tribal areas. He said that the rulers needed to revise policy to save Balochistan and tribal areas. Qazi Hussain Ahmed said Charter of Democracy was the real will of Benazir Bhutto which the PPP government had yet to implement. He said that no one could authenticate will of Benazir Bhutto which was presented by Asif Zardari. He said that leadership of major political parties should understand that restoration of the constitution to its original shape, independence of judiciary and strengthening of the institutions was necessary to stop involvement of military in politics. To another question, Qazi Hussain Ahmed said that MMA still existed and he (Qazi) was its president. He, however, argued that MMA was suspended as one of its component party was part of the government. He said that the constituent parties of APDM were pursuing one common agenda of restoration of constitution to its original shape. He said that the MMA never accepted LFO. He said that the MMA forced Pervez Musharraf to make promise for doffing his uniform before December 31, 2004. He said that the people accusing MMA for supporting 17th Amendment should understand that Musharraf ruled Pakistan forcibly and not with the help of this amendment. He said that Parliament had not indemnified second martial law but the rulers were giving protocol to Musharraf instead of taking action against him for violating the constitution.