The backdrop to the flag meeting held on Monday with the intention of restoring normalcy on the Pak-India border was, however, vitiated by Indian COAS General Bikram Singh’s blunt warning of aggression against Pakistan. This is despite the fact that the hostilities were initiated by the Indians in the first place, that resulted in retaliation from the Pakistani side. This is not going to help calm the situation on the border.

The Indian firing continued on Monday when another civilian on the Pakistani territory was injured. Now, it is very pinching when the civilians are targeted, which points to the shameful intention to flare up the situation. The need of the hour is to restore peace. What is it that India would gain from such show of force is incomprehensible. However, this is a proof enough of its typical way of dealing with Pakistan, its revulsion to the very idea as well as existence of Pakistan, and further to flex its muscle as though it was a regional bully. The statement by the Indian army chief as well as that of their air force chief who indulged in sabre-rattling for the same reason of displaying its arrogance is counterproductive and uncalled-for. Instead, it should be found out how the hostilities broke out and how such a scenario can be averted from arising in future.