There are three main categories of pathetic political elite in Pakistan who use Islam, regions or languages as bases for their pointless, inept and openly incoherent oratory. Sometimes, these are criminals who use blackmailing tactics to come to power and pose as politicians, but none of them have the capacity to think beyond their pockets and corporate businesses/these people have no schooling, or training in moral norms and intents. The growing discontent of common man with the ruling class is a clear sign of great changes to come. We need a revolution to transform this country into what our forefathers fought for. The continuous non-availability of natural gas and un-announced power loadshedding has further intensified our miseries and add to that the hefty prices for daily items. All this has made this country a hell for the poor to survive. 

The current confusing political scenario is the creation of all the locally-manufactured and deep rooted and rootless imported jugglers who are trying merely to divert the attention of the ordinary folks from real national issues which are prevailing in the country.


Lahore, January 9.