India will never change its attitude towards Pakistan, whatever we do they always find ways to destroy peace in the area. India is getting MFN status from Pakistan, which will definitely give boost to Indian trade industry. The ‘Aman ki Aasha’ and cultural exchange programs are also linked to stability and peace in the region. Its political leadership has also responded seriously to Pakistan’s efforts for peace between the two countries. But when India tries to derail the peace train what can be done? The Indian army has a history of creating unrest in the region. Now when a complete seize fire was being observed for the last decade, Indian army has made the LoC a hot area again by attacking a Pakistani post.

This uncalled-for move on the part of the Indian army obviously stunned the people on both sides who were signing friendship songs and were hoping that the ‘goody goody’ situation will remain intact. Indian army’s immoral and unwanted attack on the Pakistani post was in fact not less than a slap on the faces of the people who were planning to Tango with India. Indian media is always there to join hands with the Indian military to malign Pakistan, its armed forces and ISI. Now when the Indian army realised that it had stepped out of border limits, it staged a drama by giving statements that Pakistan army troops violated the Loc and have killed two Indian soldiers, but failed to show any of the documentary proof of the incident. Indian journalists started a non-stop propaganda transmission against Pakistani forces for this act. But at the end of the day when it was disclosed that Indian military has staged a drama, Indian media did not feel the need to refute their stories.

It is not the first time that Indian army has tried to usurp peace efforts in 2007 when the then Pakistani Foreign Minister Mr Khursheed Kasuri was going to visit India, a bomb blast on the Samjota Express derailed everything and our ISI was blamed. It was exposed later that an Indian Army officer, Lieutenant Colonel P S Purohit was involved in this blast killing more than 60 innocent passengers, mostly Pakistanis.

So it is not new that Indian army has interfered to destabilise peace efforts by willfully attacking the Pakistani post at LOC. It depicts Indian military establishment’s designs to harm the developments being made in order to give MFN status to India and promote relations at the cultural and the masses level of both the countries. In simple words Indian military has been exposed badly. Even when the Pakistan Army Chief General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani suggested, after Gayyari incident, that both the countries must pull their troops from Siachin and spend their budget on development, the Indian military leadership refused.


Rawalpindi, January 13.