Afghan President Hamid Karzai has stated that the decision whether to exempt the US soldiers from the local Afghan laws after 2014 will be made by the Loya Jirga.

He categorically made it clear that as of now the US suggestions were unacceptable as well as the decision to allow further stay to the US troops would be taken after about a nine months’ long agreement. These utterances, however provide further proof that the Americans are tempted to stay in Afghanistan after the 2014 roadmap, which has been sold to the world as a final date marking the end of the war. The Karzai setup as well as the US should be fully committed to abiding the approaching deadline. It is in the interest of both the nations that the troops pack up and leave once and for all; for the local insurgency committed to ousting the foreigners, continued presence of foreign marines would mean, rather an incentive to go on waging their struggle. This, at the end of the day, will mean continued warfare, strife and trouble. For the US, the perception that its withdrawal was just a sham and that in fact it intends to control Kabul indefinitely would gain more currency. The best way to end the war is to end it by giving back freedom to the Afghans. The 10 long years of bloodshed have worsened the affairs of the country. Though the odds are outstanding, still the Afghans for all their schisms would be better able to deal with their problems themselves.