This is apropos of ‘SPSC criticized’ (December 5) wherein a citizen called to attention various improprieties of Sindh Public Service Commission (SPSC). A few days back the SPSC, violating SPSC Act 1989 appointed a member commission, an engineer recently retired from Pak-PWD, without considering his service period required under the SPSC Act 1989, to qualify him for the post.

According to sub-section (3 )of Section 3 to SPSC Act 1989 only a retired officer of BS-20 or above, having served not less than 5 years in BS-20 can be appointed as member of the commission. Unfortunately the said retired government servant had to his credit less than 2 year’s service in BS-20. I request the Chief Minster to take notice of this illegal appointment of members having less than 2 years BS-20 service at the earliest so as to save the already dwindling reputation of an institution such as SPSC.


Hyderabad, January 8.