Islamabad - Islamabad police have arrested 13 outlaws from various areas of the city and recovered a stolen car, 30 litres of wine, 410 gram hashish, weapons and stolen property from their possession, a police spokesman said on Sunday. 

According to details, Industrial Area police arrested accused Saeed and Abid and recovered a stolen car from their possession.  Secretariat police arrested Zulfiqar, Shahzad and recovered stolen property from their possession.

Kohsar police arrested Sagheer for having 30 litres of wine while Tarnol police arrested Taj, Naseeb, Bashrat and Kausar Pervez involved in selling petroleum products illegally. 

Shams Colony police arrested Nasir and recovered 410 gram hashish from his possession while Sihala police arrested Sharjeel and recovered six wine bottles from him.  Lohi Bher police arrested Salman and recovered one pistol along with ammunition from him.

Cases have been registered against the nabbed persons and further investigation is underway.