KARACHI - Karachi Mayor Wasim Akhtar said on Sunday that the rainwater was being drained out speedily and almost all major arteries had been cleared up till now.

During his visit to different areas of the city, he said some areas of the city received 55 millimeters of rain due to which water got accumulated in low-lying areas. “However the staff of KMC and DMCs has drained out this water by mobilizing all their resources,” he added.

Technical Service Director General Shahab Anwer, DMC chairmen and other officers accompanied him on this occasion.

Taking notice of delay in the drainage of water from remote areas, he directed the concerned officials to shift the pumps from main corridors to these areas so that these could also be cleared completely.

Wasim said besides staff of municipal services, city wardens were also performing their duties on roads.

Addressing the commuters using the University and Tariq Roads, he said they would surely get relief after the reconstruction of these roads.

The mayor said that water flow in drains was normal and all rainwater would drain out easily through these channels. 

He said those areas where water got accumulated had been identified, and now improvements would be made on permanent basis to prevent water accumulation.

Technical Services director general, while giving a briefing to Wasim, pointed out that there were five such locations where water stayed.

He said in some drains storm water drainage routes were blocked because of the constructions built around them.

The mayor directed him to draw up a comprehensive plan for the removal of encroachments along drains once for all.