Kandhkot - As per directives from the Supreme Court (SC), the district administration has started demolishing illegal constructions and encroachments in all across Kashmore.

Following the removal of encroachments, the value of shops, markets , restaurants,  residential apartments and other buildings has increased enormously.

Similarly the rents properties have also taken a giant leap forward. The rents have jumped from Rs8000 to Rs13000.

Ordinary traders cannot afford to have any shop on rent as previously such shops were available at rates, ranging between Rs3000 and Rs4000 only.

Historically roads and streets in Kandhkot have been narrower due to the presence of encroachments on their both sides. After the removal of these encroachments, various roads such as the DC Road, Hybat Road, Complex Road, Cinema Road, Kashmore, College Road, Eid Gah Road and other roads have become wider from 68 to 75 feet.

Traffic jams were a common sight before the removal of encroachments. Two vehicles could hardly cross each other, but now four to five vehicles can easily cross.

The removal of encroachments has also encouraged people to build new shops on both sides of the roads.

At the same time, however, it is also a fact that due to the heavy machinery used for removing encroachments, shop owners have suffered great financial losses. They have either rebuilt their shops or even, in some instances, relocated to some other locations.

Similarly, even after the completion of the drive in some areas of the district, the building material is still scattered in the shape of debris and poses great threat to commuters.

Even no water sprinkling has been done so to settle the dust, which is causing suffocation, cough and other diseases.