ISLAMABAD : The wife of lance naik Yagya Pratap Singh, an Indian soldier who turned to social media in order to bring to into limelight the bias towards lower-rank army men, has been on a hunger strike in Rewa city for the past four days now.

According to media reports, Richa Singh, the soldier’s wife, claims that Yagya Pratap Singh is now being forced to do derogatory tasks, due to his decision to voice out the discrimination on social media. She said that her husband’s superiors are coercing him to shine their shoes, wash dirty laundry, and clean their cars, among other chores not fit for military personnel.

"My husband joined the army for serving the nation and not for doing the household chores at officers’ homes,” Richa Singh said. She also commented on how Yagya Pratap Singh’s health condition is worsening each day, but he isn’t being attended to.

Earlier, Army Chief General Bipin Rawat had issued caution to soldiers under him to stick to the rules, India Samvad reported. Later, on Sunday, he went on to say that actions such as the one taken by Yagya Pratap Singh were demoralising for soldiers on the border, and that grievances should be resolved inside the army, rather than being publicised.