LAHORE - China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) - a multi-phased project about binding people through the bond of shared development and prosperity - is set to take Pakistan to new horizons on economic front.

CPEC which is not just a corridor of connectivity to bring the places closer but a project of immense potential bound to change the destiny of the whole region. One of the most important phase of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is its industrial phase which will start soon, according to which 36 Economic Zones will be set up in various areas of the country.

According to estimates under recently enhanced version of CPEC, as many as 2.3 million jobs for skilled and professional staff will be created through different ventures. Jobs for semi skilled and unskilled persons and indirect jobs will also be in millions.

While talking to APP, Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) Punjab Zone Chairman Manzoorul Haq Malik said, "China Pakistan Economic Corridor has given us a new hope and opportunity to grow and compete in an environment where world is a global village." The Industrial phase of China Pakistan Economic Corridor will bring new opportunities as well as challenges for the local industry, he opined."Those of us (industrialists) who would not adapt to meet the needs of new environment will have to face difficulties", he added.

Expressing optimism, he said, "Most of our industrialists will gain substantially from various projects under CPEC due to huge potential of growth in the country and its vast resources." He said that Chinese believed in mass (bulk) production.

"Our industrialists need to understand their working pattern first and then we can formulate our action plan. We can enter into joint ventures with Chinese or in our individual capacity. This can only be possible if the authorities don't ignore interests of local industry while making agreements under China Pakistan Economic Corridor", he stressed.

The FPCCI chairman further said, "We have to introduce our brands and also adopt modern technology and technical skills to increase our profits".

FPCCI Vice President Manzoorul Haq highlighted that initial discussion with the concerned authorities was in progress and active liaison already existed. Experts of Institute for Policy Reforms (IPR) believe that Pakistan has to make vigourous efforts to prepare work force for availing maximum benefits from Industrial phase and other ventures under China Pakistan Economic Corridor.