LAHORE - Shortage of seasonal vegetables at Sunday Bazaars greatly irked the citizens yesterday as the city administration has failed to provide the promised relief to public at large.

The Model Bazaar of Wahdat Colony faced shortage of cabbage, with citizens calling for proper check on availability and pricing of vegetables.

Even as Minister for Food Bilal Yasin took notice of shortage of cabbage and several other vegetables at city’s Sunday bazaars, his orders were completely ignored on the ground as vendors kept on over charging the customers.

Prices of several prices of vegetables were comparatively higher at Sunday bazaars than to open market. Citizens decried that seasonal vegetable - cabbage - which ought to be sold at Rs16 per kg at Sunday Bazaar was not in reach of common man and it was sold at Rs30 per kg.

As per official rate list Mongray (green beans) should be available at Rs32 per kg. But it was being sold at the price of Rs80 per kg in open market.

A large majority of citizens bought food and vegetables from the open market where there was no control of City administration on price check.

Moreover, the quality of Onion was not up to the mark at Wahdat Colony Sunday Bazaar. A citizen told The Nation that he could not find finest quality vegetable at the bazaar.

“Shopkeepers were least bothered when I warned them of lodging a complaint,” said Khurram.

Availability of essential commodities and seasonal vegetables has become daunting task for Col (r) Mubashar Javaid, the recently elected Lord Mayor of Lahore, who pledged to raise the issue with the minister concerned on pricing situation.

Peas, cauliflower, cabbage, beans, biter gourd, and brinjal were not sold in the makeshift markets of the city due to wrong price list issues but all of these seasonal vegetables were sold in open market at double prices.

Price of potato (soft skin) and onion was however stable at Rs16 to 18 per kg, Rs 22 to 24 per kg respectively, while tomato price was increased by Rs2 per kg, fixed at Rs 20 to 22 per kg.

While the prices of fruits, including different variety of apples, were fixed at Rs 43 to 120 per kg, these were sold at Rs60 to 120 per kg. Different variety of citrus fruits was fixed at Rs43 to 110 per dozen but sold at Rs70 to 120 per dozen.

Meanwhile, Punjab Food Authority Director General Operations Rafia Haider visited several Sunday Bazaars and gave orders on the spot to dispose off 500 kg rotten fruits being sold to public under the nose of city administration.