ORMARA -  A dramatic footage released on Sunday showed Pakistan Navy officials rescuing 18 fishermen from drowning near Ormara Coast, located 360 kilometers west of Karachi.

According to Pakistan Navy press release, the fishing vessel ‘Al-Rahman’ had sailed from Karachi on December 25, 2016 with 18 fishermen onboard and lost propulsion as both of its engines had become defective.

A rescue operation was immediately carried out after the distress message was received at Jinnah Naval Base.

Pakistan Navy rescue team faced heavy swells, strong chilly winds and extremely poor visibility throughout the operation. Commander Jinnah Naval Base personally oversaw the execution of the search and rescue operation onboard the rescue craft.

After nearly three hours of teamwork, all 18 fishermen were rescued from the sinking boat. The rescued fishermen were severely dehydrated from the ordeal. 

They were shifted to secure place and were also provided with initial medical assistance and nourishment at Jinnah Naval Base.

Every sailor of Pakistan Navy is filled with the passion to serve humanity. It has conducted rescue operations in the past several times and saved precious human lives.

Last year, Pakistan Navy saved a family stranded in Shantung River in Deosai. A tourist bus was also rescued after it got stuck in a river.