“The video game culture was an important thing to keep alive in the film because

we’re in a new era right now.”

–Vin Diesel

Back in 2013, history was made as League of Legends, a popular video game created by Riot Games, was declared an official sport by the government of the United States. League of Legends, over the years, has become increasingly popular to the extent that arenas would be booked as venues where the final matches of championships would be open for people to see. This meant that international players could be allowed to enter the US on work visas to compete against each other. Students could get scholarships in universities and further studies on the basis of their competence in this video game.

Sure, video gaming may not come under the traditional definition of sports and video gamers may not fit into the description of an athlete, but their talents cannot go unrecognised. We acknowledge all the stereotypes that exist within our society, like domestic tasks for women, except the one regarding sports. The same amount of intellect and logical thinking, if not more, is applied by video game players as athletes of physical sports but by virtue of it not occurring on a field declassifies it as a sport. It is interesting to see that now, more people from all parts of the world may be granted better opportunities by taking advantage of a hobby and talent they never knew they could turn into a career.