KARACHI - The Sindh government has decided to extend Rangers powers in Karachi for another 90 days.

A notification in this regard would be issued within 24 hours. Under the National Action Plan and the Anti-Terrorism Act, the Rangers had the mandate to conduct targeted operations against elements involved in heinous crimes, terrorism, targeted killing, kidnapping for ransom and extortion.

The special powers expired on January 15 after it was extend for 90 days on October 17, 2016. The Rangers operation was launched in September 2013 in the city.

According to sources, the provincial government has decided to extend the Rangers policing powers within Karachi for another 90 days after PPP leadership moot.

 “We have prepared a summary that will be sent to the interior ministry tomorrow,” said the sources.

In November 2014, the Rangers were granted powers till July 2015, but in July the powers were extended for 30-day restricting the jurisdiction only to Karachi. In August the powers were again extended for a period of four months.