BAJAUR AGENCY - Member National Assembly from Bajaur Agency Haji Bismillah Khan on Sunday stressed the need for joint efforts to put an end to disputes and enmities in the agency.

He was speaking at a ceremony held in connection with reconciliation between two tribes of the agency. People including elders of various tribes and leaders of political and religious parties attended the ceremony. Officials of the local administration, jirga members and elders of both the rival groups were also present on the occasion.

The enmity between the families of notabletribal elder and Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid local chapter president Haji Amanullah Khan and JUI-F senior leader Haji Said Badshah started in October 2016.

Haji Bismillah Khan on the occasion said curbing personal enmities and disputes in the agency was the need of the hour as the same had been affecting development in activities in the region. He called upon the people to speed up their efforts to rid the agency of all types of personal disputes.

The tribal elders and leaders of religious and political parties while speaking to the participants vowed to expedite efforts to clear the agency of disputes. During the reconciliation ceremony, elders of both the groups forgave each other and took oath on the Holy Quran that they would live like brothers in future.