NEWYORK-Selena Gomez reportedly isn’t bothered about upsetting Bella Hadid with her relationship with EX,as the pair were never good friends anyway. Selena Gomez isn’t worried about upsetting Bella Hadid with her relationship.

‘Selena was always the girl who stayed away from a lot of the Taylor Swift crew, except for Taylor. She preferred to be one-on-one with Taylor and didn’t like being a part of the whole squad thing.’’

‘Selena is not good friends with either Gigi or Bella. She knows them through other people, but they are just acquaintances.

Meanwhile, despite the pair splitting two months ago, 20-year-old model Bella still has feelings for her ex.

An insider shared previously: ‘’She is actually not over The Weeknd. She still loves him. They are on fine terms, but she is bitter about the romance with Selena.

‘’She was not happy when all of that gossip went everywhere between The Weeknd and Selena. It really hurt her seeing Selena be all up on her man. She still feels like they have a connection.’’

It comes after it was claimed The Weeknd - real name Abel Tesfaye - has had a crush on Selena for some time.

A source said: ‘’Abel though always had a thing for Selena. He thinks she is extremely talented and sexy.

‘’They recently started talking before the holidays but she has been on his radar before.