islamabad - The City Traffic Police have advised tourists to strictly obey traffic rules during snowfall or bad weather in Murree.

As the first snowfall of winter blanketed Murree, hundreds of tourists flocked to the hill station but the sudden rush over the weekend, led to heavy traffic jams.

A traffic official Sohail Yasir said that the large number of vehicles illegally parked on either side of the narrow roads further reduced the space available for vehicles to move forward.

Having been stuck in long queues for extended periods of time, many families complained that their vehicles ran out of fuel or that their cars had broken down.

A spokesperson for Rawalpindi City Traffic Police said they had deputed wardens, inspectors, and deputy superintendents of traffic police in Murree to manage the flow of traffic.

A control room had been set up in the area and the chief traffic officer for the region was also in the hill station to monitor the traffic situation.

In response to a question about problems faced by visitors, he said that wardens were trying to help visitors stranded in the snow or in long queues.

“People coming to enjoy the snow are advised to keep fuel tanks of their vehicles full,” he said while pointing toward the long queue of stationary cars.

He further urged visitors to bring proper winter gear including warm clothes and shoes.

Tourists should be careful while visiting Nathia Gali, Dunga Gali, Ayubia and other hilly areas as heavy snowfall has disrupted life in hilly areas of the country.