SARGODHA- Youth are the valuable asset of Pakistan as the country’s future relies on their better education and ability to resolve the economic crisis. University of Sargodha Vice Chancellor Dr Ishtiaq Ahmed stated while addressing an inaugural session here on Wednesday.

He said that Pakistan is amongst the most blessed countries whose youth comprise about 60 percent of the population. He stressed that youth can play a significant role in the development of a nation. He maintained that students hold a pivotal position in any academic enterprise; therefore, the whole academic activities must be student-centric. “By collaborative and harmonious efforts of the university students and teachers, we can achieve an unprecedented success in relation to make the university a prestigious institution amongst the world’s top universities,” he pointed out.

He pledged to transform the UoS into one of the leading educational institutions of the world by taking effective and long-lasting steps.

He also urged the teachers to promote quality education besides incorporating Islamic and localized social values in the academics.

All the heads of different departments, administrative staff and a large number of university teachers and students attended the session.