ISLAMABAD-Capital Development Authority’s (CDA) Enforcement Directorate commenced work to secure the Right-of-Way (RoW) on both sides of the Kashmir Highway from encroachment as well as increase of plantation.

CDA, ICT Administration and MCI are working together on this assignment at Kashmir Highway from GT Road intersection to Zero Point Interchange. Enforcement Directorate in coordination with the District Administration and Environment staff of the MCI is operational on a daily basis so that more planting would be done in the area to improve the green character of Islamabad and to secure the right-of-way from illegal encroachments.

Since Monday, the land levelling work on both sides of Kashmir Highway is underway and will continue till completion of the task.

Additional Deputy Commissioner, ICT and Director Enforcement are supervising the work for implementation of the task, while 150 OMG of Environment Wing, MCI, four dozers of MPO Directorate, one dozer of District administration participated at the work place, in addition to, two grader machines of MPO Directorate and three tractors of the Environment Wing, MCI were also utilised to accomplish the task.

Meanwhile, the CDA’s Enforcement Directorate has conducted an operation against illegal constructions and encroachments in Islamabad and demolished nine illegal cattle farms near Pandora Chungee, IJP Road and removed six jhugees established on the Green Belt.

Similarly, the selling points of sand, gravel and brick established illegally on the residential plots in Sector I-14/3 were also removed.

The Enforcement Directorate’s team eliminated an illegal fence in the area of the Hajj complex, and also demolished two newly constructed boundary walls in the village of Pindorian. The Enforcement Directorate staff also removed illegal fence in Sector I-9 Kahchi Abadi with the help of wheel dozer and also removed illegal fence in street no 54 Sector I-10/1 and vacated state land from the illegal occupants.

The Enforcement Directorate, along with the MCI’s Directorate of Municipal Administration, carried out a massive operation in the area of Rawat and demolished 200 kiosks, 50 sheds and 10 selling points of sand, gravel and brick.

The Municipal Administration Directorate has requested the district administration Islamabad for the assistance in the operation, on which the CDA Enforcement Directorate participated in the operation along with staff and machinery, and eliminated numerous illegal encroachments in the area.