MIRPUR (AJK) - A large number of affectees of Mangla Dam Raising Project here Friday took to the streets to protest against Wapda. The demonstrating Mangla dam affectees warned that the reported raising of water in Mangla Dam reservoir by July 31 this year, will not be allowed at any cost unless the rehabilitation of thousands of families falling displaced due to raising of the dam was completed. Led by the leaders of the Action Forum the Mangla dam affectees belonging to various parts of Mirpur city as well as adjoining areas reached in various procession to the central Quaid-e-Azam Chowk in Mirpur city where they held protest rally. Holding black flags and banners bearing their demands, the angry protesters shouted slogans against Wapda for its sheer negligence and failure in the completion of process of rehabilitation of over 1.25 lakh affectees falling dislocated due to raising of the dam. Addressing the furious mob, speakers including leaders of the Action Forum announced that inauguration followed by raising of Mangla dam raising project will not be allowed unless the rehabilitation of all affectees was completed and the displaced families moved to the new residential sites after construction of their houses. They said that Wapda betrayed Mangla dam affectees in the past during construction of the dam in 1967 and later now the organization was trying to repeat such hostile drama again which will not be allowed to be exercised, they declared. Speakers said that there was no justification of inauguration of the project since the process for rehabilitation and resettlement of over 12 thousand families comprising over 1.25 lakh affectees could not yet be started by WAPDA so far and the raising of water level in the dam will indeed lead to sinking of the men and material in the reservoir. They continued that over 1.25 lakh affectees of the under-construction Mangla dam raising project can not be let at the mercy of WAPDA and if later attempted to raise the water level in the reservoir. They said that WAPDA can not be allowed to throw 1.25 lakh affectees of the Mangla dam raising project in to water through raising of water level by 40 feet in the reservoir unless the rehabilitation and resettlement of thousands of families falling displaced was completed. Speakers said that WAPDA has already been warned by the AJK government time and again to refrain from raising water level in reservoir and since there was no justification of inauguration of the raising project unless entire project, including rehabilitation and resettlement of the affectees, was completed. The affectees pointed out that it was very strange that even the residential plots could not be made by Wapda in its new residential sites meant for Mangla dam affectees including new Mirpur city and four small towns at Siakh, Chakswari, Dadayal and Islamgarh in the district. Nor these new residential sites have so far been handed over to the AJK government completely for onward execution of the rehabilitation process.