It is not the case he who rules Kabul, rules Afghanistan. Talibans government in 90s twisted this theory. He who rules Kandahar, rules Afghanistan. In 2001 when Hamid Karzai took over his first choice for the domain of Mullah Omar remained Haji Gul Agha Sheerazi for the governorship of Velayate - Kandahar giving preference over a tenacious fighter against the Soviets Mullah Malang (Saleh Muhammd). Mullah Malanag a CIAs special friend with close links with US oil company UniCoal. Karzai ignored Mullah Malang and offered governorship to Haji Gul Agha Sheerazi and promised National Security Advisorship to strong warlord Mullah Malan which latter refused to accept but preferred to become a member of Afghan parliament. Now his influence is vanished. Mullah Malang having tremendous amount of influence in Eastern Afghan provinces of Urzgan, Zabul Farah, Zabul and Kandahar itself remained closely linked with CIA. He frequently travelled to United States at the expense of UniCoal but could not equate slain Abdul Haq, Hamid Karzai and Zalmey Khalilzad. To say in clear words death of Ahmad Wali Karzai has to a great extent completely wiped out anti-Taliban influence of drug barons. Haji Gul Agha Sheerazis option was the only option President Hamid Karzai could avail. Gul Agha was Governor of Kandahar during early 2001-02 but was removed for his interview to APs Pakistani correspondent Ainuddin. Gul Agha Sheerazi spoke against the occupation forces and later denied his interview. APs Ainuddin presented his audio recording. Haji Gul Agha Sheerazi ousted Ainuddin from Afghanistan but could not retain governorship of Vellayate Kandahar. Gul Agha Sheerazi was later appointed Governor of Nangarhar province. Only hours after the body of Ahmad Wali Karzai was lowered into the ground, the president appointed another brother, Shah Wali Karzai, as de facto leader of the Popalzai tribe to which the Karzai family belongs. Two explosions were heard in Kandahar city witness soon after the burial, but officials said the ceremony passed without security problems. Foreign forces said they had carried out controlled detonations at a nearby airfield. In another sign of the volatility of southern Afghanistan, the governor of neighbouring Helmand province escaped an early morning bomb attack on his motorcade en route to the burial. Two security officials were injured in the attack in Kandahars Maiwand district but the governor was unhurt and attended the burial, his spokesman Daoud Ahmadi said. President Karzai flew to Kandahar hours after his brother was shot and led a burial procession under a tight security blanket from the centre of Kandahar city to the familys home in the village of Karzi. He was accompanied by his family and some of Afghanistans most influential leaders, including at least one possible successor to Ahmad Wali Karzais unofficial crown, Gul Agha Sherzai, currently the governor of eastern Nangarhar province. Tribal leaders have proposed for me to replace martyred Ahmad Wali Karzai with Shah Wali Karzai as your tribal elder, the president said to hundreds of people thronging the governors compound after the burial. Tribal leaders stood up and raised their hands in support, locals said. Several elders then stepped forward to place the turban of his slain brother onto Shah Wali Karzais head. But the relatively unknown Shah Wali Karzai, even as head of the tribe, may struggle to fill the power void created by his brothers death. Shah Wali Karzai is a businessman and engineer by training, who travels regularly between Dubai and Kandahar What seems certain is that nobody can entirely replace Ahmad Wali (Karzai) in holding the south together as he did, wrote Pakistani author and expert on Afghanistan Ahmed Rashid in the New York Times. On the list of those tipped to possibly replace Ahmad Wali Karzai as the main power-broker in Kandahar is Gul Agha Sherzai, an ally of the president, who served as Kandahars governor until 2004 when he was removed by the president and sent to Nangarhar. He flew down for the burial. Other choices before President Hamid Karzai remained Abdul Razik Achakzai of Spin Buldik, Jan Mattiullah from Urzgan and Turiale Nisa from Taree Kot (Urzgan) and Current Governor of Kandahar. In the regions of Kandahar, Urzgan, Hilman and Farah Taliban commanders either use fake names like Abu Zubaida, Abu Hamza or Abu Nisahi. One of them is Akbar and second Mullah Ubaidullah who demonstrate their power. Laws given by Akbar and Mullah Ubaidullah are generally practiced by majority population. British Army from NATO side which operates in this region remained in low profile due to Talibans ground power. In multi-pronged power play assassination of Ahmad Wali Karzai proved a biggest blow to the power base of President Karzai. The writer is a senior journalist who covered 2nd Afghan war for the Newsweek.