THE Foreign Office said on Friday that the United States cut of $500 million in aid to Pakistan was in response to the cutback in the number of US trainers in Pakistan, reported a private TV channel. The Senates Standing Committee on Foreign Relations has ordered an investigation into the matter. The committee meeting was chaired by Senator Salim Saifullah in which the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Hina Rabbani Khar briefed the committee while Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir also attended. Saifullah said the committee had questioned why a large number of American military trainers had been issued Pakistani visas. The committee has also asked the Foreign Ministry to name the person responsible for approving such a large number of visas. The $500 million cut in US aid to Pakistan is due to the drop in US trainers in Pakistan, said Hina Rabbani Khar. She further said that the US also withheld $300 million from the Coalition Support Fund and expressed hope that the remaining $300 million dollars aid would be released by the US soon. According to the Foreign Office, the Standing Committee has proposed immediate suspension of all operations from the Shamsi airbase. Saifullah said there should be a formal understanding with the United States over the US-led war against terror and the visa policy. He further said that the authority to grant visas to foreigners should only rest with the foreign office.