ISLAMABAD The Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) and controversy, it seems, are the same side of the coin in the latest episode as Col (retd) Asif Dar, Senior Vice President of PTF who was in Islamabad for the last couple of days declined to visit the PTF Complex despite several requests from management and take a principal stand against PTF President Kaleem Imam's self-styled policies. Talking to TheNation exclusively on Friday, Asif Dar said: Irshad Bhatti according to general council meeting which was held way back on December 23, 2010 is just a vice president and he was already in his media statements posing himself as senior vice president which is illegal and by no means acceptable to any affiliated unit. And now from past few days, he is continuously writing himself as Acting President PTF, which is not only a sheer violation of the general council recommendations but also not acceptable to me as I am the most senior person in the federation and if Kaleem was going abroad he should have at least consulted with either me or someone else before appointing Irshad as acting PTF President. If a most senior and well equipped person like Dar is being completely ignored by the PTF boss then what is the future of tennis and especially who will carry the burden of running the affairs of the federation. This also proves the earlier statement of Dar in which he had accepted the PTF lacks coordination and direction. Kaleem has once again proved his critics right that he doesn't bother to take advice or seek any kind of approval from the PTF general council in imposing his decisions. How can a person like Irshad, who has no tennis background or any knowledge about the game, run the tennis affairs and his only quality of being getting this high-profile office is just because of his close relation with Kaleem, Asif said. He said like past I will continue to take stand on principals, I have spent my whole life in promoting and playing sports so I will not accept any wrong decision which can damage the reputation of sports in general and tennis in particular. He further said: I am duty bound to point out flaws in the federation and try to eliminate all the unnecessary and unwanted things which are causing harm to the game and like a cancer to tennis. He said that he had on repeated occasions advised Kaleem to only announce those promises which the federation could fulfil but no attention was paid to my advices and the president continue to implement his decisions without any consultation. He further accepted that unilateral decisions had badly affected Davis Cup performance as Pakistan get beating of their tennis history from the unknown Korean players, the results could have been far different had the right choice regarding the Davis Cup coach been made. Jalil Riaz was by no means a good choice for this most crucial tie as we have more reliable and far superior coaches at our disposal who had earlier taken Pakistan to world group qualifying round. Asif Dar further accepts there was an urgent need of finding and grooming fresh talent as Aisam and Aqeel both are fast reaching at the twilight of their careers and country need new players at the earliest. He urges PTF president to immediately convene a PTF general council meeting to find ways through proper discussions so these mistakes will not be repeated again in future and tennis can be put back on right track. Asif hopes Kaleem Imam take his suggestions in true letter and spirit and not take them personal and would work for the betterment of tennis like he had promised before being elected as PTF President. Replying to question from this correspondent regarding forthcoming Aisamul Haq Masters Tournament, Asif Dar said that it is an invitational tournament, as masters tournament are held after several masters series and best players from both mens and ladies out of these series qualify to get the right to play in masters tournament, he concluded.