SWABI - Two blasts badly damaged the Government High School for Boys, Marghuz when the explosives planted by the militants went off soon after the Fajr Azan here on Friday. Police said that it was the first time that a high school was targeted in the district by the militants. They had earlier targeted some primary schools constructed by the donors in Tehsil Razaar while two suicide attacks also occurred here, first on November 1, 2010 and the second on March 30, 2011. Soon after the blasts, police rushed to the spot and it has been learnt that during the incidents there was nobody present in the institution. The officials said that the explosive planted in the east side were of high capacity then the west side blast. The educational institutions had closed for the summer holidays and they are scheduled to be reopened after Eidul Fitr. The explosives were planted in the veranda of the school which is situated in Khargadey while the people in the nearby area woke up soon after the blasts, occurred one-after-other. The area falls in the jurisdiction of the Zaida police station. 'The charpai of a watchman laid at the veranda was also blown up, said a policeman who visited the school. It was claimed by police officials that the three watchmen of the school were not present in the institution during the blasts and when they came to know about the incident they rushed to the school.