NEW YORK (Reuters) - Think Harry Potter has seen his end? Think again Avid fans of the books and movies about the British boy wizard are determined that even after Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 has come and gone from movie theatres, their hero of Hogwarts will live on forever. In Orlando on Wednesday, 3400 crazed fans converged on LeakyCon, one of the largest Harry Potter conventions, for a five-day event sponsored by the popular Potter fan site, The Leaky Cauldron. The event was purposefully arranged for this week when organisers learned the release date of the movie. We gave two years notice so that people could budget to get here, said Melissa Anelli, Leaky Cauldron webmistress and best-selling author of Harry, A History. It means that we have a big party together an ideal experience for Harry Potter fans, she said.