ISLAMABAD - The Pakistan Task Team, which was set by International Cricket Council (ICC), has given 63 recommendations in which it has also hinted at revival of cricket ties with arch-rival India. A good thing that the Task Force has mentioned in its recommendations is that the powers of hiring the board's chairman and governing body members are to be taken from PCB patron-in-chief while ordering the PCB to get itself cleared of political interference. First of all, before ordering the PCB to make changes and try to become a party, ICC must take positive steps rather than becoming a party and continuing its anti-Pakistan policies. On the one hand, ICC wants to implement all its verdicts on Pakistan while on the other it continues its biased attitude towards Pakistan. If ICC wanted to remove all kinds of political influences from cricket, it must start this with India who continues to defy ICC and linked riving cricketing ties with Pakistan on condition of their governments' approval. India is not safe either for sports, as they are also dealing with the same situation that Pakistanis are faced with. Pakistan in this regard has got upper hand, as there is not a single separatist movement going on in the country. On the other hand, India is fighting its hearts out to regain control over many of its provinces. The only thing which is not hidden from everyone is Pakistan is fighting the Taliban who wanted to impose their own style of Islam, but that doesn't mean there is any separatist movement the country is facing, and one more interesting thing which needs to be mentioned here is that Pakistan is ready to play India at any given neutral venue. Despite this open offer the Indians are still dictating the terms and ICC is completely toothless in this matter. Who has given the right to ICC to act like a policeman in Pakistan case and impose their decisions on us? The ICC Task Force team doesn't even bother to visit Pakistan while they have travelled to Zimbabwe during similar situation. If we closely look at the ICC decisions from past to present one thing is quite clear they are just targeting Pakistani cricket they have nothing to do with rules and regulations their main aim is to destroy Pakistani cricket and the future of the country like they did in the case of Salman Butt, Muhammad Aamir and Muhammad Asif where the ICC trap these players and despite a lapse of over a year nothing was prove against these guys. ICC must shun its double standards especially while dealing with Pakistan, as we have given a lot of sacrifices as far as the war on terror is concerned and this is because of Pakistan that the world is enjoying safe and sound life and their kids are enjoying all the benefits of life. This country has already paid a heavy price and the international community is not playing its due part. Its continuous negligence is further mounting problems for Pakistan, as international sporting isolation will strengthen terrorists. ICC should first take actual steps for restoring international teams' tours to Pakistan, then it can take whatever surety its wants from the PCB or the Government of Pakistan in this regard like they did in case of India and Sri Lanka, who are facing the similar security problems. The same must be applied in Pakistan's case to prove that ICC is a real sports body that safeguards the interests of all the cricket playing nations without any discrimination. The ball is in ICC court, whether they want to enhance their fast declining reputation by arranging international tours for Pakistan or continue its biased attitude unabated. Only the future steps of the cricket governing body will prove this.