New Delhi - With no clear leads emerging in the July 13 Mumbai terror strikes, India is likely to press the US for assistance in probing the bombings when US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton holds strategic dialogue with External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna Tuesday. Besides counter-terrorism, the two sides will discuss concerns over the nuclear deal and exchange notes on Pakistan and Afghanistan. Clinton touches down here July 18 on a three-day visit that also includes a trip to Chennai. Informed sources here said that India and the US have been exchanging information on counter-terrorism and sharing intelligence, particularly since the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks. Sources, however, did not elaborate on the kind of cooperation India may want from the US on the July 13 terror strikes in Mumbai, saying it would not be prudent to go into the specifics at this stage. With the Mumbai blasts happening so close to Clintons visit, strategies for deepening counter-terror cooperation are set to dominate the talks. India will seek a fresh assurance from the US that the new guidelines of the Nuclear Suppliers Group which deny access to enrichment and reprocessing (ENR) technologies to countries which have not signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) will not impinge on Washingtons commitment to implement full civilian nuclear cooperation with India. The situation in Afghanistan would prominently figure in the strategic dialogue. Clinton is expected to brief India on its negotiations with a section of the Taliban and reiterate the importance of Indias role in the reconstruction of that country.