KARACHI (PR) Well-known Karachiites are striving hard to revive the cultural activities of the City of lights but no practical steps have been taken as yet. The cultural activities of Karachi are witnessing misery and dejection as stage plays are not been produced which is a major source of entertainment. This issue was highlighted by Karachis very famous senior writer and director, Khadim Hussain Uchvi in a newspaper column. He also praised producer Zahid Shahs play, 'Aman Ka Chakka as the silver living in the cloud for the first time. Fresh blood is also been injected in stage and theater in Karachi in the names of film star Nargis, Zulqarnain Haider, Azhar Rangila and Sikandar Sanam. Khadim Uchvi has appealed to the actors and artists of Karachi stage to put in efforts so that the Karachi stage can be revived. Karachi stage plays also need proper cooperation and funding of govt to be able to continue services and rely upon itself in a positive manner, he added.