ISLAMABAD - The federal government again defied court orders by refusing to restore Zafar Qureshi as chief investigative officer in the NICL multi-billion-rupee scam. A three-member bench of the apex court comprising Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Justice Khilji Arif Hussain and Justice Amir Hani Muslim heard on Friday a suo moto case regarding the violation of Public Procurement Rules 2004 by National Insurance Company Limited (NICL) that resulted in losses of billions of rupees to the public exchequer. During proceedings Attorney General of Pakistan (AGP) Maulvi Anwarul Haq informed the court that Zafar Qureshi was not being reinstated. The AGP, instead of giving a straight reply to bench queries regarding Mr Qureshis restoration, said: In light of his (Qureshi) interview to media, departmental inquires (are) going on against him therefore he could not be reinstated. Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry remarked that if the government has decided not to follow the SC order, the court would form a judicial commission to probe the matter. Interior Secretary Siddique Akbar and Establishment Secretary Sohail Ahmed appearing before the court presented the record of Qureshi suspension. The chief justice read the officers removal order. It read: Prime Minister has been pleased to approve the suspension of Zafar Qureshi on the recommendations of Establishment Division. The CJP asked establishment secretary that had he sent the summary. He replied in negative, but said interior secretary had sent the recommendation to PM for Qureshis removal. On that the chief justice said interior secretary has no authority to write this summary. The CJP said: We can pass the order right now but are showing restraint. But if the government has decided to not to follow the SC order, the court would form a judicial commission to probe into the matter. You could imagine that when the inquiry will start the newspapers cuttings, timing (of events), pictures and statements of various persons will come on record. So much material would be collected that will have its own consequences. He further said that the case was about corruption and was not person-specific, mentioning that four FIRs have been registered in the case to bring back the national wealth. Justice Khilji stated by suspending Qureshi hindrance has been created in the affairs of the court. The chief justice remarked it has been observed in 95 per cent cases hindrances were created at first but later the court orders were implemented. The same thing happened in the formation of Abbottabad and Saleem Shahzad commissions. Justice Khilji noted that the Supreme Court passed an order on July 1 and the following day (July 2) efforts were started to frustrate the court order. Addressing the establishment secretary the chief justice said: 'You are bound to obey the constitution therefore you should have taken into consideration Article 4 and 10A of the constitution before suspending Qureshi. The secretary said that it was not him but the interior secretary who suspended Zafar Qureshi. Justice Khilji said the government could have taken action against the newspapers, which published reports about Zafar Quresh. But he said, We want Qureshi to continue his investigations in the NICL scam. We are working for this country In India everybody is united to curb corruption, but here (in Pakistan) the government officials are busy in protecting corrupt persons. The honourable judge said that they would not allow anyone to frustrate the court orders. The chief justice remarked that the officers could only be suspended on serious matters and the discretionary power should be used judiciously. The attorney general told the court that he had communicated the courts concern regarding the advertisements against the apex court to the Information Secretary Tamur Azmat and he has assured to look into the matter and to see who sponsored the advertisement campaign. Zafar Qureshi informed the court that his family members were being harassed, and his and his family members phones were being taped. The CJP said that intervening in someones personal affairs is a big offence and he ordered the government to provide him protection. The chief justice said that it would go down in the history that a man who stood against corruption was penalised. Giving another opportunity to the government to reinstate Qureshi, the court adjourned the hearing till July 18.