OUR STAFF REPORTER TOBA TEK SINGH - An NGO working to promote peace, nature, human and animal rights conducted a study on deforestation in the district. Talking to the media here Friday, Ravi Foundation Director Ashfaq Fateh said, The team of Ravi Foundation has observed drastic deforestation along the roads built in last two-five years. The trees are disappeared from five-ten kilometres on the Jhang-Toba, Shorkot-Toba, Chichawattani-Toba, Gojra-Toba roads and bypasses. Deforestation has increased temperature and due to consumption of gas and oil natural resources are shrinking. However, some single roads still have trees, he added. He maintained that the similar study was conducted on the canal of Dabnawali, which had been reconstructed with concrete about 10 years ago. No new trees were planted along the canal. The Irrigation and Highway Departments have staff to plant trees but no work is seen over the past few years, said the NGO director, adding that the district administration conducted tree plantation drive twice a year but roads and canals were never been focused.