OUR STAFF REPORTER PATTOKI - The vegetable and fruit market in city is in very bad shape and lack modern infrastructure, resulting in loss of significant quantity of fruits and vegetables. Heaps of garbage is seen everywhere and the rotten fruit and vegetables are accumulated there giving a harsh ill smell. Buyers avoid visiting the market under rainy condition as accumulation of rainwater makes environment awful. In case of heavy downpour rainwater enters the platforms and shops of commission agents contaminating and destroying fruits and vegetables. There are no proper arrangements of sewerage, lights, drainage and cold storages facilities in the market The local have call on the TMA to handle the situation and improve the vegetable market condition. TRAINS IRK PEOPLE: The commuters opting to travel by train from Pattoki to Lahore and Pattoki to Multan have to face a great deal of inconvenience due to Musapak train timing by the Railway. The people from all walks of life have appeal to the railway authorities to restore the previous timings of the (118-Down) train.