ISLAMABAD - The Supreme Court was moved for initiating high treason case against President Move on Pakistan Muhammad Kamran, Chief Awami Muslim League (AML) Sheikh Rashid Ahmed and TV anchor for persuading army chief for military coup

Former President Pakistan Federal Union of Journalist Afzal Butt on Friday filed a constitutional petition under Article 184 (3) of the constitution through his counsel Ikram Chaudhry, making Law Ministry, Interior Ministry, President Move on Pakistan Muhammad Kamran, Awami Muslim League Head Sheikh Rashid Ahmed and two TV anchors namely Dr Danish and Zahid Farooq Malik as respondents.

The petitioner stated that certain political and social elements are trying to spread rumours regarding installation of military rule in Pakistan and using media and other forums for instigating, abetting and conspiring for weakening the legal and constitutional process in the country. “The campaign has geared up by the respondents No 3, 4, 5 and many others through media and affixing posters, asking army chief to take over as saviour despite the fact that General Raheel Sharif has publically announced his retirement in time,” he added.

The petitioner also stated that posters and banners have also been displayed in different cities, wherein army chief has been asked to come to the aid of so-called well wishers.

The applicant expressed apprehension that constant campaign by certain people, including respondents is alarming, which is also the source of uncertainty in the country. It is contended that the acts of respondents are not only causing damage to the country but also to abet and abrogate the constitution.

The applicant believes that the respondents have ulterior motives to gain political power and other benefits and they have not learnt lesson from the past, adding that the last military rule played hell with institutions.

It is further submitted that TV anchor Dr Danish was already fined by the PEMRA for propping invitation to the army chief for military rule.

The petitioner stated that respondents are in direct violation of Articles 5, 6 along with 4, 5, 9 10, 17 19, 25, 175 and 203 of the constitution, therefore, the federal government should initiate high treason proceedings against them.

It said the constitution was always abrogated and different versions were adopted to overthrow civilian regimes. The net result of all military regimes was further deterioration in different areas of national life and institutions. History of Pakistan to this day speaks enough about all and sundry.