Recently, Pakistan became the second largest country in South Asia affected by HIV/Aids. More than 94,000 HIV patients are treating to survive. The KP province is on top as compared to other provinces, as since January 2016, nearly 298 HIV patients have been registered. The total number of 2341 patients were indulged in Hayatabad Medical Complex Family Centre including 1,781 were HIV patients and other were female patients. The KP government has spent Rs 500 million to protect the citizens from HIV/Aids for their safety. In this budget, it was also announced to establish family centres in many districts of KP against the HIV/Aids, Thalassemia and HCV diseases. The government has taken a great step for eradicating HIV/Aids so media should highlight for creating awareness among people regarding HIV/Aids protection. 

Sana Khan.  

15 July.