Injustice and a miscarriage of justice have become synonymous with our Pakistani society. Like many other humble students of law and political science, I am of the considered opinion that our greatest enemy is nothing else but injustice, miscarriage of justice, an illiterate population and half-baked operators of the systems.

We all know that the machinery of justice operates with many wheels. Quite apart from judicial officers, many more are employed in the administration of justice in different grades and with different duties but nothing is being done for their career growth and welfare. The ordinary court personnel- Junior Clerk- can be a veritable factor for the miscarriage of justice, if he chooses to be corrupt. There are certain organisations where there are no Employees Service Rules and employees are being deprived of their rights by the reemployed retired lot. There is no struggle to ask the injustice-doers to rectify the situation.

In a democracy, the judiciary protects the poor and the weak against oppression, excesses and injustices. It protects the right to life, property, and the pursuit of happiness against the tyranny of violence, or abusive power, or unscrupulous ambitions.

In the backdrop of the growing culture of injustice, the key players of the legal and judicial system, although, outdated, cumbersome and complex, are required to play a proactive role to save society and state.


Islamabad, June 17.