Fashion and poverty are both co-existing in our society. Fashion is a kind of wearing, adopting and eating expensive things of the modern era. Currently, fashion is commonly used in a great deal among elite and middle class. But, poverty never lets lower class people to buy any fashionable things. On the one side, burgeoning fashion has taken place in our every walk of life. On the other side, poverty has been the most challenging nuisance that has caused poor people in the shape of high rates in needed material of life. 

There are many manifestations of burgeoning fashion in our lives. Day by day, fashions are going to be so modernise and expensive. Living luxurious life, taking expensive cars and bungalows, having dinner in five star restaurants and shopping from high-profiled shopping malls; have become very generous for elite class. Considering them, poor class people have also such desires to live a stylish life, but under the shadow of poverty they even cannot bread two times in society. How can they apply fashions in such a poor conditions? 

As a result, we must cut out out extra celebration; pompous birthdays and many dishes marriage ceremony to show people how unique we are. Applying western dresses, we almost have lost and forgotten our own culture. As, our culture is so simple and not expensive to adopt. Therefore, we must uplift our culture and should neglect modern expensive fashions to decrease deep-rooted poverty from society. 

Wajahat Abro, 

Shikarpur 15 July.