PESHAWAR - Hours long excessive power outages and frequent faults in transformers in rural areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa may cause law and order situation, as on one side the public are facing water scarcity and on the other hand they are dealing with the problem of overbilling.

The hours long power outages in the rural parts where people timely pay their bill were also included in the list of defaulters and facing the menace of load shedding as instead of raiding the houses of power thieves, WAPDA authorities was raiding those who are paying bills.

When asked PESCO spokesman Shaukat Afzal, he said that special relief was given to the people during Ramzan and after Ramzan routine load shedding is being carried out in the city and rural areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

However, he mentioned that two to four hours load shedding is being carried out in those areas where there is full 80 per cent recovery of bills and four to eight hours load shedding is being carried out in those area where 50 per cent bills are recovered while 12-14 hours load shedding is being done in those area where there is extremely low recovery.

But this claim of PESCO spokesman was not justifying as the entire Malakand division where almost recovery ratio is up to 95 per cent is facing 10 hours long power outages .

Federal government and WAPDA are responsible for the miseries of the people of this province as on one side federal government was not paying the arrears of net hydel profit to the province to construct small dams and the province facing scarcity of funds to launch any mega project.

On the other hand WAPDA was sending over billing to the consumers despite limited supply of power. The meter reader who are deputed for checking the reading are not interested to visit their respective areas and take accurate reading but they are putting the estimated figures in consumers bills which frequently cause problems for the consumers.

When visited PESCO office one of the of the consumer Iftikhar told the Nation that he came here to correct his bill, as they have charged him without checking the meter and despite of low consumption of two fans and two tube lights they have charged him Rs 10,000.

“We hardly manage our time as we are doing hard labour and visiting WAPDA offices, as they do not reduce,” he said.

There is no check on WAPDA employees to check load on single transformers and most of the transformers are being damaged due to over loading.

People are changing their connection from one line to another and when one transformer is damaged they change their line to another transformer.

There is no check of WAPDA teams to fine those people who are taking double lines from alternate transformers, because when there is load shedding on one line they are taking benefit from another line which puts high burden on limited capacity transformers.

Heavy responsibility falls on federal government to improve WAPDA system as there is no check on double lines from a single transformer which cause frequent damage to transformers.